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Guest Blog - Primrose Kitchen 'Blissful Acceptance'

New years are full of intentions for our new actions but rarely so much for our thoughts.

As someone who has struggled with periods of depression over the course of my life, my main intention for this year is to create new positive habits in regards to my thoughts.

I heard recently someone describing their view on thoughts. 

They said bad ones stick like Velcro and good ones bounce like Teflon. 

It is much easier for us to continue to have our doubtful, fearful thoughts because like anything else in our life they become a habit over time and become strengthened by our addiction to others sympathy for our woes or our own fear of change.

Our thoughts need our discipline and it takes focus, energy and commitment to maintain a positive outlook in the face of any adversities life throws at us but when we do that's when the magic happens. 

I expect many of you are restarting your gym membership this month and blowing away the cobwebs. 

I invite you to treat your thoughts like a weak muscle you would train in the gym. 

So when you get a negative one, acknowledge it and replace it with a happy memory or a moment of gratitude for something in your life right now. Watch how that feeling in your body changes. 

As your feelings change your environment and the people around you change to match that frequency.

We all have the ability to change how we feel and it is our responsibility to help one another rise to this place of blissful acceptance.

This is how I believe we can most effectively change the world. That and one bowl of Primrose’s Kitchen granola at a time!

Primrose x


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