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Feel the Fear

Feeling the Fear

Who are the people that inspire me most in terms of fitness and exercise? Is it Olympic athletes or beautiful supermodels? No – It is the people who have not exercised for years (or maybe ever) and who are totally terrified and self-conscious to start, but who give it a go anyway. I was there myself too – almost 5 stone overweight, incredibly self-conscious and hopelessly uncoordinated. Entering a gym felt like walking in to an alien environment where everyone else knew what to do and was going to be in amazing shape. I was paralysed with fear and wild imaginings about what everyone else would think – paralysed, in fact, for at least 5 years.  Once I made the leap, it turned out that loads of people had started out the same way and there was lots of support. In fact, there were lots of people just like me.

Isn’t it odd that we so often feel we need to be sure that we are good at something before trying? If we wanted to take up knitting we wouldn’t expect to pick up the needles and knit a jumper straight away. We would expect to need someone to guide us and we would expect to drop lots of stitches – maybe even to unravel our first efforts and start again.

Exercise is no different – it is hard, it can make us sweaty and look a bit funny. Our bodies need to learn how to move better and be more coordinated. But it is great! Overcoming those voices in our head that stop us from starting is so worth it. Getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable is something that we learn and can, weirdly, learn to love!

At the Core Wellness Centres gym we understand all the barriers and fears that are in the way. It is quite common for people to feel fearful, even tearful, as they come through the door. We totally respect the courage that it has taken for so many people to get up the stairs into the gym. Those same people quickly become part of the family and feel the benefit of improving their health and fitness. If you, like I was, are feeling paralysed by the voices in your head, please come and see us and take that step. We will be with you all the way!

Written by Jennie Chapman

Personal Trainer

Core Wellness Centres - Epsom


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