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I Just Wanna Make You Sweat

I Just Wanna Make You Sweat

There is a day for everything you can think of and lots of things you couldn’t imagine too – so alongside being Squirrel Appreciation Day (yes really), it may have bypassed you that Saturday 21st January was International Sweatpants Day!

Maybe we need a day to relax and be comfortable at the end of a busy week or maybe we could use sweatpants for the originally intended purpose and actually sweat in them....

Sweating is one way that our bodies prevent themselves from overheating and is often associated with really hard work in the gym. We love a bit of sweat in our gym at Core Wellness Centres in Epsom! However, how much we sweat is unique to each individual and is also affected by the air temperature and humidity. Sometimes physically fitter people sweat more quickly because their body’s thermoregulation switches on sooner. 

Sweat is not a great measure of how much we are exerting ourselves (imagine running at full pelt in a freezer as opposed to strolling in a hot and humid climate). A better tool to measure how hard we are working when doing an activity that gets us out of breath is a heart rate monitor. We encourage our gym members to use a monitor and this can really help to motivate and encourage people. It can also help us to ensure that you are working at a level that is most beneficial to improving your cardiovascular fitness. 

So, if you are serious about getting fitter a heart rate monitor would be a great investment. The shop at Core Wellness Centres in Epsom sells them and we can help you to get yourself set up with it too!

Written by Jennie Chapman

Personal Trainer

Core Wellness Centres - Epsom


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