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Posted on 03-21-2017


What is causing your stiff neck?

Modern-day culprits include sitting for a long period of time looking down at your phone or computer screen. This shortens the muscles around the front of the neck and put pressure on those at the back, which over time can reduce the range of movement in the neck causing it to become stiff. It is likely that if you have a stiff neck you will be feeling pain in your shoulders too. Did you know that those headaches you might be suffering from could also be caused by that built-up tension in your neck and shoulders?

What can you do to help a stiff neck?


While working on a computer or looking down at a phone it is important to take regular breaks to avoid having your neck bent forward for a long period of time. These stretches are quick and easy to do and are really effective!

  • Roll your shoulders backwards and down, then gently squeeze your shoulder blades together (imagine you are pinching your shoulder blades together to try and hold something between them)
  • Bring your ear slowly down towards your right shoulder and hold. Repeat on the left and do it 5 times each side.

Sleep well

The way you sleep can have an enormous impact on your neck. Sleeping on your back or side are the best positions for your neck as it maintains a better spinal alignment, where as sleeping on your front with your head twisted one way or the other is more likely to give you a sore neck in the morning. Choosing a good quality, low pillow is good for neck health - a memory pillow can do wonders for keeping your neck in a comfortable position as it moulds to your shape, to keep your neck supported. Try not to sleep on a pile of pillows, as they will cause your neck to bend unnaturally, which will contribute to neck stiffness.

Get a massage

Getting a Sports Massage really helps to relieve muscle stiffness in the neck. Massaging the affected area increases blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension, which helps to reduce the stiffness giving you are greater range of movement. Just one massage can provide relief almost immediately but regular ones help to keep the tensions away.

To book your appointment please call us at Core Wellness Centres on 01372 745772 or book online

Written by Molly Tyrrell

Sports Massage Therapist

Core Wellness Centres Epsom 

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