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  • Strength training for women
    “But I don’t Want to Look Like a Body Builder....” Strength Training for Women As a Personal trainer women are always telling me that they want to do cardio workouts but they Read more
  • Sports Massage and Football Injuries
    Sports Massage and Football Injuries Football is played at such a variety of different levels, different formats and in different environments that it is no surprise it is the most popular Read more
  • What is the magic formula to get fit in 2017?
    What is the Magic Formula to Get Fit in 2017? Oh no - another blog about a magic formula for getting fit and healthy in the New Year? So often we Read more
  • Why Am I Sore After A Sports Massage?
    Why Am I Sore After A Sports Massage? After you have just received a Sports Massage you are probably feeling great, like a new person and extremely relaxed. What you may Read more
  • 20 Minute Holiday HIIT
    20 minute holiday HIIT Need a quick workout you can do with no equipment and just the space beside a hotel bed? Maybe you have been keeping up your fitness all Read more
  • Exercise and Libido
    Exercise and Libido – let’s talk about sex. Us Brits can be a bit reserved in talking about....errrrm....more intimate things in life. Libido is an aspect of our health that is Read more
  • The Plank - Core Stability and Training
    The Plank. What is all the fuss about? You may have heard that the plank is a super-effective exercise....but why? Firstly, the plank uses all the important deep core muscles Read more
  • The Calf Muscles at Christmas
    The Calf Muscles at Christmas With the little black dress reappearing for Christmas and both men and women wearing uncomfortable shoes for longer than usual, the Calf muscles are in for some Read more
    THE 4 SEASONS CHALLENGE Challenge January!!! For some it’s the best time of the year. Everything to look forward to, a brand new beginning with spring and summer to look forward to Read more
  • Go Against the Flow this Christmas - Weight Loss instead of Weight Gain!
    Go Against the Flow this Christmas We have all seen the headlines about weight gain over Christmas. Most of us eat more high calorie food over Christmas than at any other Read more


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