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  • The Kettle Bell - Functional Training
    The Kettle Bell The most functional exercise tool you will ever come across!  The Kettle bell is an exercise tool that originates from RUSSIA. Believe it or not it falls under being one of Read more
  • Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage
    Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue Massage A question we often get asked is, ‘What is the difference between Sports Massage Therapy and a Deep Tissue Massage?’. A common misconception is that they Read more
  • Backpack Safety & Posture
    Backpack Safety & Posture Throughout adjustments myself and Dr Joe commonly notice a slouched posture in children, with parents nearly always citing heavy school bags as a cause. Overtime a heavy rucksack can Read more
  • Why Prevention is better than Cure!
    Why Prevention is better than Cure! We currently have many people coming to us for Sports Massage who are already in pain, have little niggles and restricted range of movement. Many Read more
    SELF IMAGE AND EXERCISE Personal Training - Core Wellness Centres Epsom In a world obsessed with image the “beach body” can sometimes feel like the holy grail. For most of us the Read more
  • The Importance of Massage for Dancers
    The Importance of Massage for Dancers Dancing is an extremely physical activity and places extreme demands on the body. Therefore the demand for Sports Massage and general Maintenance Massage has increased Read more
  • Personal Training - Machines vs. Free Weights vs. Body Weight
    PERSONAL TRAINING - CORE WELLNESS EPSOM THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS PRACTICALITIES OF LIFE “Exercise Intelligently Developing a healthy lifestyle and transforming your body requires you to shift in to overdrive”  What I mean Read more
  • Chiropractic - HIGH HEELS = HEALTHY?
    Heels - no doubt they look glamorous, make you look tall and bring a ladies outfit together but are they damaging to our alignment? Do they cause long term trauma to Read more
  • The Benefits of Sports Massage
    Benefits of Sports Massage Epsom Physiological Effects Not many people are aware that massage has a huge positive effect on their cardiovascular system.  Massage helps to dilate blood vessels, which allows the Read more
  • Chiropractic - Text Neck
    With Pokemon Go taking over, it is really important for us to be aware of the effects looking down at ours phones for long periods of time can have on Read more


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