Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a regulated primary healthcare profession, which emphasises the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. The practice of Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health. Chiropractors recognise the value and responsibility of working in co-operation with other health care practitioners when in the best interest of the patient.

Benefits of Chiropractic:

Aids pain management – Chiropractic care is effective for pain relief for those suffering from moderate to severe pain.

Increases mobility – After events such as accidents, mobility may be reduced. Chiropractic care can help an individual regain their mobility whilst strengthening their muscles and relieving pain. Chiropractors can advise on specific exercises to help recovery and regain movement.

Avoid drug side effects – Chiropractic is a practice that revolves around medicine-free treatment and no drugs are administered, which means that there will be no potential adverse drug reactions. The absence of drug-use in Chiropractic treatment is also beneficial for health in the long-term as it prevents drug addiction or long-term dependency. The perception of Chiropractic is often limited to the treatment of back pain, but as Primary Healthcare Providers we are consulted about a whole range of conditions.

Who can see a Chiropractor?              

Chiropractic is for everyone! The Chiropractic profession is strongly committed to assisting the future generations of the UK to learn to take personal responsibility for their own health and the health of their children in years to come.

Children: By allowing the spine, nervous system and mechanical structures to function in a balanced way our children can recover from illness and injury better plus take part in sporting activities more confidently.

The Elderly: Chiropractors acknowledge that the elderly population in the UK is increasing. Chiropractors can help to improve joint mobility and subsequently the quality of life of this ageing population. Improving patient mobility can enable the older person to remain independent which can have a profound influence on perceived quality of life as well as reducing the subsequent costs incurred for assistance. Chiropractic can reduce the burden on the NHS and will provide a useful service to the elderly in the community.

Families: Our purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health, through Chiropractic.  At its core, Chiropractic emphasises the body’s ability to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.  Although spinal adjustments make up part of the wellness equation, a vitalistic approach to family healthcare means that individuals must make conscious choices to support their body’s ability to function at its best. These include avoiding physical, emotional and chemical stressors that affect nervous system function and impede optimal health.


Doctors of Chiropractic have long been dedicated to delivering the safest and most effective methods of care for their patients.  To achieve this, the Chiropractic profession has been dedicated to scientific evaluation for their diagnostic procedures, treatment methods and techniques. 

Chiropractic Treatment vs Outpatient Management for low back pain - In a randomised comparison study over a 3 year period British medical researchers found Chiropractic treatment significantly more effective than hospital outpatient treatment, especially in patients with chronic and severe back pain.  Those treated by Doctors of Chiropractic gained more benefit and long term satisfaction than those treated by hospitals(14). 

Chriopractic Treatment vs Physiotherapy - A randomised comparison of four treatment types by Dutch medical researchers, on patients who suffered from persistent back and neck pain found that spinal manipulation provided greater improvement of symptoms compared with physical therapy.  The patients receiving spinal manipulation had better physical function and less pain at 12 months than those receiving physiotherapy(15).

Chiropractic Care vs Bed rest - A study published in the British Medical Journal followed a group of 152 patients suffering from acute low back pain who were treated either by spinal manipulation or bed rest.  After 1 week 50% of the individuals in the spinal manipulation group were symptom free compared with 27% of those receiving bed rest only(16).

Chiropractic care vs Deep heat applications - A study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine found that patients suffering from a prolapsed intervertebral disc who received spinal manipulation showed significantly better post-treatment range of motion and a shorter time to obtain pain relief than those receiving deep heat applications.  "It was concluded that manipulation therapy as shown by this study is superior to the conventional method"(17)

Chiropractic and Exercise:

You are never too young or too old to enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity. Chiropractors encourage and promote regular exercise to all patients educating them on the benefits that regular exercise will have on their health.  These benefits include protecting against heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and back pain as well as increasing energy levels. 

Why exercise is essential if you have neck pain? - Since exercise often leads to improved posture range of motion and functionality of your body, it can help prevent chronic neck pain from developing.  Exercise helps prevent and relieve pain through a number of mechanisms including strengthening key support muscles and restoring flexibility.  Not surprisingly, repetitive strain injuries have become increasingly common as so many people spend most of their work days sitting in front of computers.  Many types of neck pain can be traced back to poor posture at work or during one's commute.  A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine(18) and funded by the National Institutes of Health, highlighted that medication is not the best option for treating neck pain.  After following 272 neck-pain patients for 12 weeks, those who used a Chiropractor or exercised were more than twice as likely to be pain free compared to those who took medication.

Chiropractic utilised by athletes - There is a growing use and acknowledgment of the importance of Chiropractors by sportsmen and women.  Chiropractic offers a balanced approach to the recovery and healing of sports injuries by many athletes, including premiership footballers and Olympians, many of whom would now not be without their Chiropractors. 

At Core Wellness Centres our Chiropractors and Personal Trainers work together to ensure you get the most out of every session.  Our new patient assessment and functional movement screen allow us to create a bespoke training and rehab programme for each individual, preventing any injuries allow you to progress quicker and achieve the results you desire. 

What makes us unique?

At Core Wellness Centres we believe in uniting tradition with science.  It is for this very reason we have invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology to help speed up your recovery process and get you the best results whilst under the care of our Chiropractors. 

Shockwave Therapy - Our shockwave therapy machine is used in combination with traditional chiropractic techniques and allows us to stimulate blood flow to the affected area.  It works by using an extremely precise sensor and a percussion instrument to stimulate the blood flow, helping to breakdown scar tissue and restore normal function. 

Intersegmental Traction - Our roller beds are used for inducing passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints and increasing mobility.  Since discs have poor blood supply, these rollers help the circulation of fluids getting the right nutrients to the spinal joints.  Poor mobility and subluxations in the spine prevent this natural circulation and can cause disc thinning and degeneration.  Intersegmental traction helps increase and restore the necessary elasticity and motion to the spine.  Not only do our roller beds support your healing whilst under chiropractic care, they also feel amazing and are fantastic for relaxing after a stressful day!

(14) BMJ1995;311 doi10.1136/bmj.311.7001.349 (published 05 August 1995)

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