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Corporate Wellness and Lunch & Learns

The three most important components of any healthcare programme is education, support and accountability. The quality of your health is completely dependent on the everyday choices you make. With this in mind, the Core Wellness Centres team offer an educational lecture series to local businesses to help improve the health of our local community.

Wellness 101 - The important wellness basics

Sifting through health and wellness information can seem overwhelming. We will break down the importance and basics of spinal health, nutrition, mind & fitness. Making it more manageable for you to implement it into  your daily life. This informative workshop will kick-start your wellness journey.

Think Well - How thoughts and emotions control your life

Our thoughts ultimately control our lives. We will teach you techniques and strategies to help you deal with stress and the difficult times that invariably find their way into our lives. This valuable workshop will allow you to  expand your knowledge to make the best choices for yourself and your family.

Move Well - The importance of exercise and good posture

Today we know from research that movement is essential for good health! It is essential for living a long and healthy life. We are all aware that we should exercise and have good posture, so why don’t we?  The answer is that exercise takes time from our already hectic schedules. This lecture offers insight and guidelines for making exercise, as well as spinal health, a life long commitment.

Eat Well - How to eat right for a lifetime

It’s estimated that over 80% of all disease stems from poor nutrition. With obesity rates dramatically increasing it is even more evident we need to address one of the biggest causes, what we eat! You will learn how to properly combine carbohydrates, proteins and fats for optimal digestion and health. We’ll teach you how to read food labels and will present a number of delicious healthy recipes. Nutritional knowledge is essential and an invaluable key to living a healthy life.

For more information about our 'Wellness Lecture Series' and other corporate health screenings we offer please contact Zoe Tilley on 01372 745772 or email

Corporate Wellness Testimonials 

“Thank you very informative and easy to understand.”

“Thank you so much for these talks, they were so inspiring and encouraged me to make even small changes.”

“I found the think well lecture really inspiring and it really helped me to get through a tough few weeks - thank you.”

“I am nearing the end of week four of the 8WW so it was certainly down to the talks held here that inspired me and gave me the boost to make the change. The whole team at Core Wellness Centres are approachable, caring, enthusiastic and have your best interests at heart. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me to date and cannot speak highly enough of them. The programme might not be what everyone wants to do but it was certainly the right thing for me.”

“The speaker was passionate and very enthusiastic and yet maintained some great fact-based arguments.”

“Very inspirational.”

“My view is that the talks were well balanced and reinforced what we already know in many cases which makes commitment easier.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the talks.”

“Excellent work and explanation about move well. Thoroughly enjoyed.”


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