Personal Training, Functional Fitness & Rehabilitation

Personal Training, Functional Fitness & Rehabilitation

At Core Wellness Centres in Epsom we have a state of the art functional fitness facility incorporating, cardiovascular fitness, rehabilitation, mobility as well as resistance training.  We are much more than just a gym!

What makes training at Core Wellness Centres different?

When you are in our gym you will see our high quality equipment and be working with our expert Personal Trainers.  We aim to make every experience fun in a friendly atmosphere and community feel that keeps you motivated and inspired to achieve your goals.

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The "Golden Hour" at Core Wellness compromises of 3 vital elements to keep you fully functional for life, these include:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Steady State Cardio:

Our first 20 minutes of your workout.  Here we create improvements to you cardiovascular system.  The HIIT exercises provide each individual with a circuit of sweat burning exercises.  Intensity level and exercise choice will be matched by our trainers to your level of fitness, function and age.  Here you will burn calories, maximise fat loss, drive your heart rate up and test your endurance.  Our in-house Polar Heart rate technology allow our trainers to digitally monitor your heart rate and calorie burn wile you workout!

Posture Prep & Rehabilitation:

The second 20 minutes of your hour workout.  Here we enter into the conditioning phase of your workout.  These sessions are closely guided by our Chiropractors to give you the correct rehab, mobility and posture exercises needed to resolve your specific health challenge.  Our trainers are experts in posture and rehabilitation, seeing numerous conditions from chronic back pain to hip, knee and shoulder complaints.  These sessions will aid your recovery from pain and bring you back to better balance with good flexibility.  

Strength & Conditioning:

Our final 20 minutes to complete our Golden Hour is our strength programmes.  Here our trainers will help you build muscle with a diverse amount of exercises.  Our trainers embrace a functional fitness model which will have you moving your whole body in any different ways.  Here you will try exercises and move in ways you didn't think were possible.  Again each session is tailored to the individuals needs, age and current state of function.  Our priority here is to build muscle and tackle ageing whilst remaining mobile. 

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How do we guarantee results?

Each time you enter our gym, your session is planned and led by a Personal Trainer. This enables us to progress you in each of your sessions here so you will not stagnate or bored with the gym or exercise.

We use the best available Heart Rate Monitors for each of our clients, on each of their training sessions, to ensure you are moving towards your goals.

As well as this we have on-site Chiropractors, Sports Massage Therapists and Nutritionists at our disposal, this allows you to have every aspect of your lifestyle working towards getting the most out of your training.

How else do we track our clients?

When you are not in the Core Wellness Gym we do not stop training you!  Your heart rate monitors are for you to use away from the gym and they link into our central hub.  This allows us to see if you are working at your personal recommended duration and intensity so that those workouts are as beneficial as possible.

As you begin in the gym here you are given a full health assessment - our Wellness Score. This includes Movement & Flexilbility Screening, Fat & Muscle Percentages, BMI, Blood Pressure, Waist Measurement, Body Weight and Posture Screening.  After completing this at the start of your journey we can then personalise your training routine and re-examine you in an allocated time frame throughout the year, to celebrate your achievements and re-assess your goals!

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