Nutritional Counselling & Supplementation

Nutritional Counselling 

Diet and nutrition can have a big impact on health, energy and immune function.  People who eat right, consuming the right mix of vitamins, nutrients, protein and healthy fats can avoid illness and disease.  Nutrition is a large part of our unique services at Core Wellness Centres and helps supports each clients unique health goals and needs.   

During your Report of Findings visit our team of Chiropractors will make specific recommendations based on your case, which may include supplementation, food diaries for analysis, nutrition consults, detox plans or structured 8-week nutritional plan.  It is key essential for us to learn your dietary habits, allergies and special nutritional needs in order to make the most effective changes.  Together we will establish goals that will help improve your overall health and physical functioning.  

Our in store wellness shop makes staying healthy and eating right so much easier!  We stock a wide range of non-toxic household products, natural skincare products, paleo snacks and the highest quality supplement range.

Who Benefits from Nutritional Therapy:

Everyone can benefit from nutritional counselling!  Our team are here to support you, inspire you and provide you with the knowledge to create healthier habits at home to aid your recovery and allow you to reach your health goals faster!  Patients seeking preventative care, weight loss or reduce inflammation can all benefit from nutritional counselling, as good dietary habits can help you stay healthy, build your immune system and avoid illness.  

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