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Hector Corral - 8 Weeks to Wellness

Ann Wilcox - Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with 8 Weeks to Wellness

Paula Evans - 8 Weeks to Wellness

Ben Walker - Back pain and Weight Loss

Jo Palmer - 8 Weeks to Wellness

Peggy Falconer - 8 Weeks to Wellness

Fiona Day - Baby and chiropractic

Annie Cooper - Low back pain, Hip stiffness and Headaches

Brendan McWilliams - 8 Weeks to Wellness

Neil Horton - 25 years of back pain resolved

Ben Harrod - Low back pain

Roger Williams - 8 Weeks to Wellness 

Amy Neave - High blood pressure, Inflammatory bowel and Headaches

Russell and Doli Gummer - 8 Weeks to Wellness 

Amanda Crowe - Stomach pain, Sleeping difficulties and Back pain 

Phillip Hardy - Overall Wellness

James and Eddie Kemp - Shoulder pain and Constipation

Darius Ziatabari - Postural Correction

James Earley - Sleeping Difficulties

Julia & Lottie Westgarth - Headaches 

Helen Lee - Lost sensation on half side of body & IBS

Mark Grant - Neck Pain and improvements in golf performance


Jon Byrne - Back Pain