"Dr Joe Tilley gave me back my quality of life when I was pregnant. I fell on my back just before I became pregnant & didn't think too much of it. When I was 6-7 weeks pregnant the pain became unbearable & I didn't want to risk my baby's health by taking any pain medication. There were days I could not even get out of bed & my husband would, on occasion, have to carry me to the lounge or the bathroom. Dr Joe was recommended to us by a friend &, to be honest, I was quite nervous - I had heard of chiropractors before but had been scared off them & could not have imagined that chiropractic in pregnancy was safe. I went with my gut instinct & booked my first appointment. Dr Joe was so thorough, gentle, honest & informative in his explanation of chiropractic, showing me evidence that chiropractic was indeed safe & highly recommended during pregnancy. After spending 10 minutes in his expert care I could walk again, completely pain-free! This immediately convinced me that I had made the best health decision of my life. I continued to see Dr Joe every 1-2 weeks & my body began to create a new memory for the correct posture. I realised that many other health issues, like headaches, sinus infections & a thyroid problem disappeared & I could not believe how well I felt, how much energy I had & I only wished that I had been under his expert care for years before.

To this day I have not taken any pain medication! My beautiful baby girl, Nicole, arrived on 19th January 2013. I would have loved a home birth but unfortunately her cord was really badly wrapped around her neck & shoulder & this prevented her from descending. I laboured at home for 36 hours & loved every moment! My body felt strong, I didn't need any pain medication & the injury in my back did not give me any trouble. When we realised something was wrong, we transferred into hospital, where Nicole was finally delivered 8 hours later. I had been a bit concerned that Nicole had been stuck in a precarious position for so long & I could tell that her neck seemed quite stiff on one side. In the first 12 hours after her birth I could pick up that she was having a little difficulty latching onto one side & my first thought was to phone Zoe & see if Dr Joe could help. Do you know that those 2 beautiful people drove from Esher to Ealing, where I live, to see to me & our new baby! I definitely needed a few adjustments after such a long labour! And Nicole had her first treatment on the 2nd day of her life. Adjustments on babies are extremely gentle. I only ever felt complete trust in Dr Joe. Nicole did have a very tight neck & after her treatment, she slept peacefully for ages! And she fed easier from both sides! I highly recommend Dr Joe Tilley. I am always ultra-impressed by his energy, his devotion & passion & also his continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of his field."

Claire Bourne

"My back aches mummy' said my son aged 8.

Day in, day out as I greeted him at the school gate. 

Anguish all over the little boy's face, 

A trip to the doctor; the obvious place.

'He has good posture, he will be fine,

Monitor him closely, come back in a weeks 'time'. 

3 days of nurofen, we should try. 

Numb the pain, the spasm will surely subside.

Really, must we give him this medication? 

Back to back dosage, instead of a proper investigation? 

A chance encounter with 'Joe', changed our lives, 

My son no. 1 's to begin with, as he now painlessly smiles . 

His stiffness, his anguish, for all to see,

The scan of his back showed a troubled boy indeed. 

Snarled up and contorted, his back told a story. 

Through a traumatic pregnancy, an emergency delivery.

Poor child, we now understand your strain,

Signs of pressure and subluxation, all causing him pain.

With gentle adjustments, the chiropractic way, 

Within weeks, we saw progress as his back became straight.

His spine working now as it is designed to function, 

His nervous system aligned and ready for action.

Meanwhile son no. 2, a very different story;

weeks of school missed, constantly poorly.

On multiple puffers on nasal drops each day 

To open his airways: it's 'asthma' they say...

Let's try him on this pump, these drops, try these steroids .

Constant antibiotics, zero resistance - I'm permanently paranoid. 

Panic and fear are by now growing fast,

His vulnerability increasing, each day that passed . 

Many tears shed at the state of his spine. 

His illness explained by being so misaligned. 

The scan shows brightly the inflamed, red zones;

Sinus and lungs, his exact weakness exposed.

With just weeks of adjustments his health seeps back.

This cheeky boy I once knew is certainly back! 

From a pale, insipid child,

With a chest rattle, a runny nose.

A mother 's constant worry as she prepares for the worst. 

Only a parent of an ill child knows this anxiety,

The worry, the 'not knowing' the constant trips to pathology.

What's wrong with his blood, with my child's tiny body? 

Dreading the diagnosis, endless sleeplessness, nights of worry . 

No pump now, no tablets, no runny nose.

No days off school since meeting 'Dr. Joe'.

He is now thriving, my little boy,

Such a different story from a year ago.

The boys they both function as they should do,

Every part of their nervous system free to thrive, recover, grow.

A simple approach to the foods that we eat, as explained, one evening at a 'CWC' speech. 

Spinal health supported by the 'paleo way',

The jigsaw complete, health will always prevail. 

Empowered now to live my life,

Grateful for knowledge to 'get it right'.

To revert to our  Palaeolithic ancestry, 

How nature intended us to live, so Incontestably.  

With such simple lessons learned and implemented each day, 

Health and energy restored by following the paleo way.

Three dress sizes & two or more stone lost, 

Merely by following a healthy food ethos.

With guidance on matters of all things nutrition; 

CWC advises on probiotics, fitness and vitamins.

2015 with 'CWC' changed our lives, 

'chiropractic will certify' health, there's no doubt in my mind... 

Thank you so much for Everything!!!"

Jo Humberston

"I found Dr Joe Tilley, Zoe and the marvellous team at Core Wellness Centre back in November 2014 as I was suffering from a prolapsed disc. I didn't know then that walking though Core Wellness’ doors was the best health decision I would make to date.

After a thorough wellness exam, Joe explained everything so I was able to understand the issues I had and how to correct them. Joe’s clear passion for chiropractic’s & wellness enabled me to realise that prescription drugs are not the answer as they simply mask the symptoms but do not eliminate the cause of the problem.

I began a course of Chiropractic adjustments, the first adjustment provided instant relief from the intense back pain I was experiencing. Each further adjustment helped to realign my spine and solve problems caused by numerous hours spent hunched at a desk every day.

I believe it was after my second or third week of adjustments, Joe mentioned to me the benefits of following a Paleo lifestyle, and the links that had been discovered between healing an autoimmune disease and a Paleo diet. I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years previously. I was told by hospital consultants I would be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life to manage the pain and inflammation. I left the practice that day buoyant with hope for the future.

I researched the subject and then researched some more. Everything I read lead to the same answer…change what you eat, be free of the disease. What did I have to lose? Two weeks after committing to a Paleo diet & lifestyle, the rheumatoid pain was practically gone. After one month, I felt fantastic, better than I had ever felt before. Full of energy, happy, slimmer and best of all there was no rheumatoid pain or inflammation. I asked my doctors if I could come off of my medication, they were reluctant but agreed I could try.

It has been eight months since I last took prescription/over the counter drugs. Yesterday I had a check-up with my hospital consultant. He couldn't believe the difference in me. He said it is rare for him to see someone go into remission almost overnight and stay that way, I was lucky. I firmly believe luck had nothing to do with it. Regular chiropractic adjustments, a Paleo diet, exercise and overall wellness are the factors which have put me into remission and I have no doubt they will keep me there.

I have never met a team more passionate about what they do, I cannot recommend Core Wellness Centre enough. The environment at the practice is genuinely positive and happy. Whilst there it is like being in the company of good friends. You leave realising you are happy and smiling. I remember how I felt previous to my first visit and I compare that to how I feel now, they are worlds apart. Joe, Zoe & the team have changed my life for the better. Thank you all so much."

Zoë McCaslin

"Had the best experience at Core Wellness Centre in Epsom. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dr Tilley is an exceptional chiropractor and the whole team cannot do enough to help. The team have been instrumental in improving not only my back and posture related issues, but also in assisting me with improving my diet, lifestyle and training techniques. I am fitter and healthier now than i have ever been.

Special mention to Zoe for all the incredible nutritional advice and to PT Krish for showing me how to train efficiently." 

Duncan McCaslin

"I first came to Core Wellness Centres about 2 years ago following some upper back and neck pain from playing rugby. Now 2 years on Dr Joe and the team have totally changed my life. Since discovering the true power of chiropractic care and it's importance as part of a healthy lifestyle am now studying to become a chiropractor at university. I still receive regular chiropractic care from Dr Joe and Dr Chris in order to maintain the health of my nervous system; my mum and sister also both receive regular chiropractic care from the team. 

The team at Core Wellness are awesome, every member is caring and attentive to every individual that walks through the door. Each team member has a real passion for their work and genuinely care about getting the optimal outcome for each person. The team is made up of a range of fully qualified professionals in their respective fields who together give you the power to reach optimal health. 

I really feel at home at Core Wellness and I am blessed to have these incredible people in my life. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough!"

Elliott Swepson 

"I came to Core Wellness Centres just over a year ago and have had the most amazing transformation in my health and fitness during that time. From Zoe and the team on the front desk keeping the CWC wheels turning smoothly, to Krish M and the guys in the gym providing top class personal training and workouts, Alice and Krish N offering fantastic sports massage, right through to Dr Joe and Dr Chris and their fabulous chiropractic care you could not wish to meet a more caring and committed group of individuals, offering a complete service to those who want to address various health issues. They are passionate about what they do. I cannot recommend them highly enough!" 

Paula Evans

"We went to Core Wellness for the first time about 1 year ago because of a lower back injury cause by being seating all day in a bus driver cab and moving and picking up boxes at work. I persuade my partner to go as well because she had a old knee injury as well as she would like to loose some weight. When we went into Core Wellness we felt quite apprehensive because we didn't knew what to expect but as soon we got there we felt so welcomed and embraced by all the Core Wellness team that it was just amazing and we felt straight away part of the amazing family that they have in there. My partner done the 8WW and I had 8 weeks of chiropractic care that changed our lives forever, we are caring on with the chiropractic care as well as the gym membership for 6 months, we being learning so much about the impact of a good chiropractic care a good nutrition and working out or just starting moving more can make in our lives that we want to help other people too, therefore I want to become a personal trainer and my partner want to learn more about nutrition. We want to learn how to help others change their lives the way we change our lives so people can enjoy living a healthier and longer lifestyle .

We can not thank you all enough for changing our lives and for making us a better and healthier human being!"

Zac Fonseca & Rita Castro

"I met Joe wakeboarding back in 2010.  After briefly chatting and finding out he was a Chiropractor I had him sign me up immediately!

As a wakeboarder my body is put through a tremendous amount of pressure and stress, which results in a lot of aches and pains.  This is something that stretching alone cannot fix, I needed something more. 

After visiting the practice and seeing Joe, I learnt there is far more to the source of my pains and working with him fixes it!  I try and see Joe once a month and before competitions I more come more frequently as he does wonders for me.  

I guarantee that working with Joe has helped me to regain my title last year at the UK Wakeboarding Nationals, I don't know what I would have done without him."

Christian Koester (3x British Wakeboarding Cable Champion)

"Our whole family visits Core Wellness Centre regularly and the children adore Joe and Zoe. Dr Tilley has been adjusting the children now for about 18 months since they were 18 months old and 3 years old. Treatment has really helped to keep my children healthy and we have not had any antibiotics for over a year now, which was quite a change after a dreadful previous winter. Dr Tilley sorted out my pelvic pain - ongoing from my first pregnancy and my husband's back and neck are greatly improved. The practice is very innovative and strive to keep ahead of their competitors with low fees for children's adjustments and new technology. I would not take my children to see anyone else - even now that we have a 30 minute journey to the practice. I do actually feel like I am about 2 inches taller after treatment. See you soon Joe & Zoe!"

Nicki Hardy

"Dr. Joe, Zoe and the whole team at Core Wellness are amazing! They are so dedicated to improving the lives of their patients in such a supportive, skillful and enthusiastic manner! I have degenerative discs in my neck and Dr Joe offers me much-needed relief each week. He also advises on nutrition and fitness and is such a genuinely caring, knowledgeable and wise man! My 14 - year old daughter is being treated for knee pain and general spinal alignment and as a gymnast and trampolinist, she really can tell the difference if she misses a week! We love Core Wellness and can honestly say they have changed our lives for so much the better! Do yourself a huge favour and pay them a visit!"

Annie Notman

"I started with Core Wellness Centres when they were back in Esher. I compete for Great Britain and England and Dr. Tilley helped me through my World Cup and Commonwealth Games competitions and training. The service was superb and the Practice Manager Zoe made me feel so welcome! Really has changed my life and allowed me to get fit and feel such a sense of well being that I havent found from any other chiropractor or physio. They have massage there too which was amazing! Ashlyn the massuse really worked closely with the Dr. so they could both help me and share notes and findings. Fab place and I still go now for adjustments, massage and I also use their on site gym! If you have back pain or any other on going illnesses it's worth seeing how your spine and nervous system are functioning with Dr. Tilley. I haven't had any medication - even paracetamol for months now! :-) Thanks guys! :-)"

Sheree Cox

"I had been suffering from neck pain and tension headaches for about 7 years, mainly due to my stressful job. I had a lot of sick leave and took painkillers almost every day. I had tried various forms of treatments such as physio, and massage without a lasting effect. My son was referred to Joe and when I saw the examination and treatments, I was really impressed and wanted to try it for myself. My scans were amazing to see.

The examination was very thorough and I was really impressed by the technology used and it was so different from any other Chiropractor I had seen before. I could feel the difference after just one adjustment and was so happy to feel that the headaches were easing off as well.

Since starting my care plan, I have also started with a personal trainer once a week and playing tennis, as I have more energy, improved digestion and improved mobility.

My experience with Joe and Zoe has been great! They have completely changed my view on chiropractic care thanks to the technology used, but also because they take the time to listen to the patient and are very caring and welcoming.

They are the best!"

Anne Bjordal

"When I arrived for my first adjustment, I didn’t know what to expect.  All these thoughts were going through my mind, what’s going to happen, is the cracking going to hurt.  Walking into Joe’s office, he was one of the most passionate and excited person I had ever met, dedicated to his work, and the people he is helping.

Starting off getting my scans showed that my back problems were quite intense, I never thought it was that bad, yes I thought it was just normal problems with my back, and that anyone has it, seriously, you never know until you check it out at a chiropractor, as I learnt.  After just a few adjustments, I started feeling that my headache, that had been hindering me from doing my best in school, started to decrease and that I could focus more on my work, and enjoy life more.  I had no energy when I first came in to see Joe, but soon I would get more energy and manage to deal with the problems that were in my path to get to my goals in life.

When you come into the clinic, your mood suddenly changes, you feel good inside from just being inside that environment, with happy people all around!  Joe is the person that basically saves my whole week, and boosts me up when I need it the most!  My sleep has also improved, as I don't have pains in my back when I want to sleep or just rest, which also helps my energy improve.

Chiropractic has literally saved my life from having too many and too severe headaches, my back feels a lot better, all in all I would never go back to a life without Joe as my Chiropractor!"

Mads Bjordal


"18 years ago I had a frozen shoulder that happened twice within three months. I was put straight on painkillers. They helped temporarily but ended up being referred to a physiotherapist and orthopaedic consultant.

I had physio for 6 months which helped a little. The consultant had X-rays arranged and told me I had a problem with my C5- C6 vertebrae in my neck, but there was nothing they could do for me.

I continued with this problem for many years without further treatment. I suffered from pain and stiffness in my neck. Not able to get any flexibility in my neck, stiffness in my middle back started. Numbness across my shoulders and deltoid left me with no feeling for years.

I started Kung Fu two and a half years ago and all was going well. I noticed my neck and back slightly improved with exercise.

I was due to have an operation and wanted to get fitter and healthier for it, so I decided to embark on the 8 Weeks to Wellness programme at Core Wellness Centres.

I felt stronger, fitter and more energised! My neck and back felt amazing after a few weeks and now have more flexibility all over. I have more sensation back across my shoulders too! My posture has improved, as well as my sleep. I feel happier and have more energy."

Vicky Albury

"I knew I've been putting my body through a lot of stress because of cheerleading and work and I just knew I had to do something about it. My boyfriend who is studying to be a chiropractor at the AECC in bournemouth recommended Joe and Knowing his standards, I knew that he would only recommend me the best.I wanted to be regularly adjusted and Joe did a great job every time! Their office had a friendly atmosphere and I always looked forward to my visits there, even though it took me a while to get there (as they used to be in Esher)! That definitely did not stop me from visiting at least once a month! I can't remember a time when I left the office not smiling! Getting adjusted by Joe was great, I started seeing a difference in my body and more importantly, learned more about chiropractic! GOOD JOB guys! keep up the good work!"

Viv Mendoza

"I came to Core Wellness Centre first for chiropractic care, plain and simple, but what I got was much more than that. The thing about Core Wellness Centre is that they genuinely care about you, they want to help you in every way they can. The team at Core Wellness Centre won't just be 'business' they, will be friends, and friends for life at that. If you want to become healthy, in the short and long term then go here. Before I came to Core Wellness Centre, I was constantly injured from various sports injuries. I was constantly ill to an exceptionally bad diet. Core Wellness Centre Showed me Health, TRUE health. Give them a chance, you won't regret it - I didn't"

Nathan Gaskin


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